Our team is dedicated to leveraging available technologies and collaborations to enhance the resilience and sustainability of livestock farming, while harnessing the scale of funding sources to drive digitalization and innovation within the agricultural sector.

AKIS – Advisory services, farm management assistance

Advisors certified within the scope of AKIS implementation in Slovakia aims to assist dairy managers to better understand the dynamics of the herd structure and to improve the interpretation of economically sensible decision-making on key variables as well as trade-offs respecting the farm´s specific limitations along with carbon footprint mitigation agenda. EkonMOD tools provide framework to evaluate available data, leads to benchmarking with other farms and supports discussion on future developments of the specific livestock farm.

EIP-AGRI Operational groups

There are two OG to be launched this year to target economic and environmental optimization of livestock farms. Specifically, outcomes of LowEmiBeef will provide multidisciplinary support for decision making process in suckler cow system. The second project, OPEN SK is designed to deliver platform for evaluation of dairy farm in the economical and environmental context. Except our team and researchers from SUA in Nitra, projects involves representatives of small farmers, transformed cooperative farms, young farmers or farms operating in LFA regions.

Smartfarm, activity 5 and 6

Development of a software application to assess the economics of beef cattle farming, and development of the calculator to determine emissions from livestock farming. In order to ensure sufficient optimization of parameters, gathering information for database focused on suckler cow system in mountain regions of Slovakia was performed. In Activity 6, model specific for conditions of suckler cow farm involved in the project was developed.

Measuring, Modeling and Monitoring of Bioeconomy

Study on farming practices of Simmental dairy farms was developed, as the one of more detailed studies within the larger scope of the project. Data gaps to increase detail and precision of modeling production efficiency were identified at the farm level.