Miroslav Záhradník, graduated from Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra. He completed his doctoral studies at the Faculty of Economics and Management in the field of sustainability of milk production in Slovakia. The main developer of a suite of decision support tools for livestock farming – the EkonMOD platform, awarded with the Golden Sickle 2015. In 2017, the Personality of Science and Technology under 35 for research and development of management support tools for efficient dairy farms. Currently Managing Director of the Research Institute for Animal Production in Nitra, a member of the permanent Subgroup for Innovation and Knowledge Exchange.

Vojtech Brestenský, graduated from Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra, specializing in animal breading, worked at the Research Institute of Animal Production in Nitra from 1975 to 2020. He completed his postgraduate studies in animal breeding in 1980. His scientific activity was focused on the areas of technology and livestock farming techniques, storage and handling of farm fertilizers and emissions from livestock farming. He was the coordinator of several research projects, engaged in consulting for livestock breeding and is the author of many scientific and professional works.

Ondrej Pastierik, in his scientific activity dealt with the quality of feed for ruminants. Then, he worked for 4 years in positions involving feed mill management, quality assessment and evaluation, optimization of production processes and data reporting. He is developer of decision support tools in livestock production, mainly EkonMOD milk and involved in the compilation of national GHG inventories, as well as working in international groups to target current topics of sustainable animal production.


Ing. Ján Huba, CSc., the head of the of the Department for Animal Husbandry Systems, Breeding and Product Quality at the Research Institute for Animal Production in Nitra and the executive director of the international film festival Agrofilm. His research is focused on cattle breeding and is a co-author of the Slovak Production Index, according to which rankings are created in the genetic evaluation of Holstein dairy cows.

Ing. Andrea Mrekajová, PhD., she work on topics dealing with concentrations of harmful gases in the breeding of broilers and dairy cows depending on environmental factors. Her work includes the microclimate of livestock housing, measurements, evaluation and possibilities of reducing greenhouse gas and ammonia concentrations in livestock farms, processing research results and subsequently publishing them in scientific and professional journals and at conferences. Her present works includes field of welfare in poultry farming and she is helpful in creating methodologies and opinions on draft laws for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

MVDr. Zuzana Palkovičová, PhD., her main work is the microclimate of livestock housing with a focus on ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the inventory of ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions from livestock farming for the National Emission Inventory System of the Slovak Republic (NEIS SR). She is a member of the Slovak branch of the World Scientific Poultry Society (WPSA). She is also an active member of the Working Group for the reduction of ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture established by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic.

Ing. Oľga Urbanovičová, PhD., graduated from Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, where she worked for 8 years as a pedagogical and scientific researcher. Her main work is the measurement of ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions in livestock breeding and the subsequent analysis of technical solutions for data transmission and processing (development of existing EkonMOD platform).